what we do?


oftware Development

A software development process or life cycle is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. We develop software for Asset Management System, GPS Tracking System, Weighbridge Software , Free SMS Software, Document Management System etc...


rontend coding

The front end of a website is the part that users interact with. Everything that you see when you're navigating around the Internet, from fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders, is a combo of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being controlled by your computer's browser..



Software design is the process by which an agent creates a specification of a software artifact, intended to accomplish goals, using a set of primitive components and subject to constraints.


obile Application

Mobile application development is a term used to denote the act or process by which application software is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

Samyak Infotech : Experience the Most Streamlined, Industry Ready Enterprise Application Development Services

Enterprise Applications are indeed one of the most important components of any dynamic professional force. Starting from a tool that can control your worker's challenges to the one offering you the most upgraded marketing information, we at Samyak Infotech hold the ability to develop the right product for you.

We have exclusive teams for the smartphone platforms and desktop software. They thoroughly understand your need and develop a platform that would fulfill your demands in the best fashion. These professionals hold comprehensive knowledge and experience about enterprise application software development lifecycle. The best part, our professionals are well trained to deliver the best solution within a confined budget.

Samyak Infotech holds the best reputation for developing the enterprise application software that can ensure you about utmost security satisfaction. Each product/application has to pass through rigorous testing steps with numerous devices to ensure the bugs are found out, and any little ambiguity with the product is fixed. Our quality control team is the strictest department in the entire company.

Enterprise Application Development for Smartphones

Samyak Infotech has been the most confident when it comes to developing the budget enterprise applications for iPhone or iPad. We can produce the most user-friendly enterprise application for your iOS that can let you handle the entire marketing team, help you in dealing with the customer feedbacks, handle the product reviews, etc., through some mere clicks.

Our back-end developers are always aimed at developing a product that can generate the most detailed report in the quickest possible time within some few clicks.

Samyak Infotech can meet your expectation in the best fashion when it comes to developing products for the low budget Android devices. Our Android team is quite proficient to develop products for all device kinds, starting from the smartphones to the tablets.

Not just about back-end operation, our user interface designers are also quite efficient in preparing the sleekest design possible to make it the most user-friendly possible.

What Makes Us Distinguishing?

Samyak Infotech has been pretty distinguishing in comparison to its rivals due to its ability to develop user-friendly solutions for complex IT requirements. Be it about the productivity or efficacy, we have always been emphasizing on building the right architecture for the product

This is the reason that our applications have been the best in terms of installation and recycle. Working with Fortune 100 clients, we have managed to be able in understanding the right ways of addressing the comparatively challenging demands.

  • We hold the specialization in developing
  • The multitier architecture applications
  • Application with simplest UI for service processing
  • Applications for the budget-friendly devices

Our Approach While Developing

Samyak Infotech can assure you about developing the best technology for all renowned platforms, starting from very basic Javascript, PHP to the high-end Java or.Net. Clients say we have mastered in simplifying the complex demands. Especially, they claim us due to our ability to fix the following challenges in the most efficient fashion.

  • We prepare the most intuitive UI to derive and present the data in a user-friendly way
  • Preparing the perfectly customized tools and widgets to simplify the usability of a product.
  • Developing tentative ways of data mining.
  • Preparing the solutions which can fill the gap between connecting the two unlikely platforms.

Sleekest UI

As mentioned above, the user interface has been crucial regarding testing the ability of a developer to simplify the complex application demands and making it user-friendly. Our developers hold specialization in developing the best user interface for management professionals with high-end customization and configuration.

Ease of Installation and Application Integration

We understand it well that the ease of installation plays a crucial role in determining the impressiveness of a product. On this context, Samyak Infotech has always been impressive in terms of developing absolutely easy to install products those can be impeccably integrated as well between different tools, application, web platforms, web-based payment tools, portals, etc.

Most Resourced Quality Team

Samyak Infotech has the most resourced quality assurance team powered by the most experienced professionals. We have been distinguishing regarding associating the delivery with quality assurance. We are distinguished from the rivals we have always been emphasizing on automation aspect of the quality assurance segment.

Dedicated Support Team

No matter how flawless the product is, but it is obvious for the clients to seek the help of the support team. Therefore, Samyak Infotech employs the most experienced team to assure you 24 x 7 assist for all sorts of needs, starting from customization to product maintenance.

Samyak Infotech: A Wholesome Technology Consulting Service Provider

Executing an IT project is certainly not as sleek in modern times, as it is used to be earlier. Undoubtedly, IT demands something revolutionary in functional domain, each time, to be in concord with a revolutionary business plan. You can say something “different” each time has become the new “constant” in modern day business arena.

To be the standout, you need to make sure every time you have revamped the approach. Samyak Infotech on this context assists you in achieving and continuing with your business success through well planned, operative and decisive changes those let you get the desired ROI, enhance the process operation and flexibility.

What's Special with Samyak Infotech Consulting?

Samyak Infotech consults and takes the entire responsibility of process renovation to make you evident the optimal performance level, at the same time minimizing the expense and maintaining the value. The company has been introductory for the clients regarding offering cutting-edge solutions and bringing the needful transformation for its entire global client base.

Starting from industry transformation to IT architecture revamp, we have been up to the mark in each case. Talking about our consulting domains, we serve through high-end consulting services for IoT, Mobile app development, enterprise application development and e-commerce solution.

Check Out The Following Abstracts For A Wholesome Dig About Each Of These.

IOT (Internet of Things)

IOT has been one of our favorite segments as it offers us with enough scope to push our creative limit. The mindset of delivering something never-before has given us a specialist's tag. Staying ahead of the mediocre IOT applications like smartphone keyboard, smart wearable, etc., we have been significant about the high-end and challenging industrial applications

Talking about the challenging industrial applications, where we have managed to blend perfectly our IOT excellence are-

  • Monitoring system
  • Industrial automation
  • Machine automation
  • Data Logging and Analysis

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a segment that we have groomed with, which indeed proves our strong client base. We are the most confident contenders on the earth to develop the most enriched mobile apps for the front runner platforms, iOS, and Android.

Talking about our specialty, being able in discovering something exclusive each time is a secret behind our envious client base. Irrespective of the niche, starting from security, health, entertainment, a reminder to business operation, we can make you evident with the best each time.

Enterprise Development

Enterprise development is no doubt the trickiest domain among all we work with. And the same is a reason that the domain boosts our confidence and motivates at the same time to try something significant. Well, keeping things simple is the mantra that has worked for us on this matter.

We develop the operating platform for the organization and blend its functionality in the easiest possible fashion, at the same time taking the best care of the safety concerns. Starting from report generation to the inventory analysis, we add the best features and let the clients enjoy one of the most transparent business process platforms.

No matter you are looking for a standard ERP or any special segment, we take care of all in the most effective fashion.

Ecommerce Solution

E-commerce is a trending term in modern times. The demand in this segment is no doubt huge. But, it's a fact at the same time that the clients demand something special each time. Moreover, they want complete customization functionality with their platform, at the same time wanting minimal possible coding knowledge.

In other words, they want all these with minimal dependency on the service provider. Well, at Samyak Infotech we enjoy all these demands. In fact, we make them available with the solutions those turn them even more demanding.

When it comes to e-commerce, we target only the wholesome solution, something that everyone can handle; starting from a standard five student to a fifty years old. In concurrence, with all due best features and simplicity, we never forget to mate the minimal price tag with the offer.

Customer Service

We guarantee you about the best outcome. But, this doesn't mean that there will be no further queries. And, solving the each tidbit of the client queries we consider are as important as of the service itself.

Hence, our customer team remains active to receive all those. No matter it's a product complaint or service enquiry, you can always feel free to express your desires with our customer team. They try to solve things themselves or connect with the concerned department (or the professional) if required.

Samyak Infotech : Where the App Development Ideas Manifested In To Landmarks

People have to claim that the aspect of mobile app development has gone pretty average in modern times. They claim so pointing at the growing number of the developer or the companies offering such services. In other words, people want to witness something distinguishing all the time.

They claim, they have groundbreaking ideas, but no one is there to execute it. Samyak Infotech wants to address the above issue with absolute perfection. What makes Samyak Infotech the most distinctive is the fact that here we create the environment that lets you feel like your own development unit. We hear your requirements, and structure it in a way that can nullify the risk factors and hike the commercial value.

Samyak Infotech delivers you the best customized mobile apps for the leading platforms, iOS, and Android. We cater you the apps to take your idea to another level, being distinguished despite a hectic competitive scenario.

Let's have a detailed dig about everything distinguishing we offer for your app development on both the above platforms (iOS and Android)

Witness the Class Of iPhone App Development

iPhone is indeed the most talked-about device over the globe. Undoubtedly, the superior quality of the iOS apps has made these devices even more buzzed. Samyak Infotech understands well the fact that the expectation level of the users for an iOS app is already at the peak.

Hence, the expert developers with us aim always at something that can be a trendsetter. At the same time, our developers never forget that the final product must be absolutely user-friendly. Talking about the strategy, we set the following parameters and work on it.

  • Convey the scale of the project
  • Review possibility accords to the budget
  • Sorting out the tools and technicalities
  • Scripting the codes following the Apple norms
  • Thorough quality checking
  • Live demonstration with the client and seeking his/her honest response.

We can guarantee you about the utmost satisfaction (irrespective of the industry you belong) as we have developed products for all industries, starting from health, social media, education, transportation, manufacturing to e-commerce.

Got A Proposal? We Serve Everything

As mentioned above, we have always welcomed the creative ideas and tried our best in executing it in the best possible fashion. The professionals with us craft your ideas into the final products, much better than you expected to meet the customer demands and fulfill the business goals.

No matter you look something for your iPhone, iPad, website, migration apps, mobile app maintenance, app enhancement, or just any customized needs; we can be the one-stop-solution for you.

Always Pushing the Standard of Android Application Development

The envy making a success of Android is pretty much evident; thanks to the absolutely user-friendly apps. At Samyak Infotech, we understand this fact and hence the expectation. However, we are among the most confident contenders powered by the developers who carry years of experience under their belt to develop something pioneering.

Still, we never let the research process sleeps down even a bit to ensure the customer expectations get fulfilled in the best possible fashion. Playing with all high-end technologies and tools, we develop the most customized Android apps those perform the best with any Android device. Being a global player, we can promise you the best possible outcomes.

Our Value

  • High-end security to ensure utmost secrecy of data
  • Conducting extensive research and analysis prior execution
  • A team of immensely experienced professionals
  • Updating the client with each step of progress
  • User-friendly and spec rich development
  • Rigorous quality is checking prior delivery.

Numerous Niches, Numerous Ideas for Android; But Solution Is One

Through the process of satisfying even the most demanding clients across the industries, our professionals can assure you the best outcome for your concerned industry. Starting from finance, e-commerce, health, spying apps, travel, service, tutorial to manpower, our efficient professionals hold the ability to pack the best possible features for each industry in the best fashion over the Android platform.

We Are Sensitive Towards Our Reputation

Samyak Infotech understands it well on how much it matters to be trustworthy along with the best quality to be maintained. On this context, it is here to mention that Samyak Infotech holds the incredible reputation of delivering the best outcome strictly accord to the set fixture.

You can say the heightened vision and knowledge, well accompanied by the best resources is a reason that we have been able in maintaining the best standard fulfilling the desired norms. Moreover, our customer team stays tuned 24 x 7 to receive the queries and deliver it in the best way.

Get Most Upgraded and Customized e-commerce Solutions from Samyak Infotech

If you are in a hunt of the most advanced, distinguished and user-friendly e-commerce platform design or solutions, you are at the right place. Starting from feature rich stylish to cost-effective we at Samyak Infotech ensure the e-commerce solution is absolutely customized and upgraded.

Furnishing the most advanced way

Our e-commerce tools are most advanced and distinguished from others being completely XHTML acquiescent. In short, you can stay assured of any kind of coding flaws that comes in the way of your site getting noticed. Naturally, it results into greater traffic and your search engine rank gets improved.

Moreover, the traffic manages to be more targeted through the process. Starting from choosing the most creative Heading, Meta tag for each page, to creatively integrating the search engine friendly keywords at the most appropriate destinations, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to optimizing the pages.

High-End Management Features

  • We always aim at offering complete authorization to the owner. In fact, we ensure that the site owner design/modify his own site the moment and the way he likes.
  • Not just the design, we ensure the user must be able in adding new features as well.Samyak Infotech always emphasizes on delivering the solution so that the client doesn't need to look for any additional software.
  • We make sure the designs we deliver you functions perfectly through all web browsers.
  • We integrate the best email management tool with our platform. This lets the user for easy sorting and handling each of his customers.
  • In addition, we ensure the e-commerce owner manage to generate reports from very past.
  • Offering the facility to handle numerous notification templates within a single interactive interface makes us the most distinguishing than our rivals.
  • We have the best solution available than anyone else when it comes to filtering the spams from the important ones.


Needless is to mention about the importance of a catchy design for an e-commerce store. Hence we never neglect the aspect of selecting the most experienced bunch of designers. Our graphic designers are extremely creative. Moreover, Samyak Infotech guarantees all its design is unique from the other.

What distinguishes us from our rivals is our reputation of not minimizing the task of designing with just a template. We are efficient about all concepts, starting from Javascript, Flash, Magento, PHP, etc. Our customizable solution lets you in tweaking the design the way you like.

One Stop Solution for All Coding Platforms

We have one of the biggest teams of developers. The entire team of developers is divided according to their proficiency. We have absolutely experienced gang of developers for each platform, starting from PHP, Magento, MySQL, Java, Javascript, etc.

All they work in a coordinated fashion in accordance with the demand of project and features. As our systems include the WYSIWYG Web page editor, the user becomes able in adding pictures and product descriptions without any coding knowledge, anytime he wants. In fact, you can add as many products or category as you want.

Key Solutions Those Only Samyak Infotech Can Deliver

  • At the same time being the most budget-friendly solution provider, we have been distinguishing for the below reasons.
  • We ensure the user can add any number of products without any coding skill.
  • You can modify the price visibility in accordance with the customer type; different for the trader, and something different for a normal customer.
  • Enhanced notification system for a better relationship with the customers.
  • Best arrangements for shipping report generation.
  • Best security guaranteed for payment transactions.
  • Best inventory management facility.
  • Samyak Infotech has been like a nightmare for its rivals when it comes about the price aspects.


We can bet, we demand the minimal possible price for ecommerce solutions. Well, comparatively lesser price never really implies any sort of quality compromise. Despite offering the best and most upgraded product, we keep the price at the minimal possible end. How this becomes possible? It's simple; we have hired the most experienced and efficient professionals who are just double efficient in comparison to the others. Moreover, most of the tools we use while developing the products are quite automated, hence take much lesser time than the other. Through the process, we manage to boost our production and hence manage to offer the prices at lower side.

IOT Is No More a Fresh Concept; Samyak Infotech Has Already Taken It to the Next Level

The internet of things is a revolutionary concept to make the life more streamlined, comfortable and systematic. It's like a lubricant that encourages the passion of modern day human to be the Mr. Perfect every time, or anything he does.

The concept of IOT through internetworking has introduced the concept of team work even with the devices. In short, IOT (internet of things) is the next big thing in the world of technology. And, here at Samyak Infotech, we offer you the best model of a flawless Internet of Things.

As mentioned above, the idea if IOT is to offer web accessibility with any device, and to connect them later with each other. The device can be just anything; it can be a smartphone, your alarm, headset, anything fashion wear, a cooker, etc. Connectivity among each other through internet can no doubt make the time management aspects a way lot easier for the concerned person

What Makes Samyak Infotech A Distinguishing Name In The World Of IOT?

Samyak Infotech has taken the applicability of IOT to an altogether new high by blending it thoroughly with the industrial process and applications. Starting from the monitoring systems, online and offline data logger, industrial application to data logging and many others, Samyak Infotech has made the industrial process streamlined like never before through its high-end IOT. A detailed dig about each of these applications is mentioned below.

Monitoring System

We hold the expertise in connecting multiple devices with the present network infrastructure using IOT, which turns the overall monitoring system much more streamlined and personified. What makes us the most distinguishing on this matter is our ability to simplify the entire process.

An inexperienced services provider doing similar attempts might ultimately turn things into an absolutely complex network. The administrator ultimately has to deal with an assorted network.

However, our systems are aimed at delivering the standard enterprise monitoring, which lets the administrator control the entire aspects of a network at one place. Especially, our systems are absolutely proficient in monitoring the IP traffics.

Online And Offline Data Logger And Reporting System:

Samyak Infotech has been able in developing the most intuitive mediator between the sensing system and the controller devices, which is the prime intention behind developing a data logger. Our IOT enable all sorts of data loggers (starting from computer data loggers to the laptops) to respond the commands for data accumulation and storage from multiple sensor devices.

Moreover, you can connect these commands with the trial data through the sensor devices it has to monitor. In short, the entire operation can be controlled from a single section that results in to the quickest project accomplishment.

Industrial Automation

Our IOT applications in the modern time of automation have undoubtedly enhanced the advanced computation; hence the automation systems involved with the information technology industries. We have been much ahead of the rivals on this matter powered by the blend of artificial intelligence principles.

The best part, we can develop the best IOT application in accordance with your industry needs, in a pretty customized fashion. We develop the systems those let the targeted element get sensed and navigated from your preferred position, from any place over the present network set-up. From the same server, you can connect with admin, monitor, tool room, and any other device that can catch the signals.

Making things more advanced, we develop it in a way so that at any instance when it comes across with patchy signals or devices, it notifies the administrator with the reasons associated. Moreover, with the help of artificial intelligence, it can solve the issues.

Machine Automation

This is one of the broadest territories for Samyak Infotech towards IOT application developments. In fact, the company covers almost all range of industries on this aspect. All high-end functionalities you witness in modern times, starting from your testing unit, to the production, we can take care of each in the most proficient fashion. No doubt the concept of automation was always there, but, we have blended the principle of IOT with it.

For example, through the high-end functionality from our product, you being someone from quality department won't be required to visit and submit the report; our system enables from the department itself. Starting from the production devices to testing, all being connected, things can be processed in the quickest span.

Data Logging and Analysis

We ensure the entire process of data logging and reporting being managed and facilitated in a sleek fashion through IOT, and the overall analysis get the most enjoyable ever. Our IOT has made things absolutely enchanting for the site work conducts. It can be handy for streamlining both the small scale projects and the larger ones.