React Native PayUMoney Bridge

In recent past years, react native has gain lot of popularity. There are lots of third party libraries available on GitHub which everyone can use easily. But there are some cases where we have to create some functionality our self which is not available till now. So today we will take a look at, how we can create react native bridge with the PayUMoney example. PayUMoney provides the SDKs in native android and iOS but there is no support for react native right now so we will create the react native bridge in android and iOS both. Continue reading “React Native PayUMoney Bridge”

Kotlin The Future Of Android Development

An Introduction
Until recent past, Android app development was extensively done through the Java programming language and Java 6, which came in existence since 2006, two years before the release of Android devices.

Kotlin language is advent by JetBrains in 2011.As soon as did Kotlin reached at 1.0 status early in 2016 then at Google I/O 2017 in April, Google announced that Kotlin would be forever supported as a first class programming language for Android development. Moreover, the latest released of Android Studio 3.0 also supports Kotlin.

Kotlin is first statically typed and cross-platform language with out of box type interference which will ease developers to create or develop application for multiple platforms. Continue reading “Kotlin The Future Of Android Development”

React Native – Business solution for Mobile App Development

With just one tap of figure, we can do much of the daily routine work like ordering food, book a cab and many more with the help of mobile. Mobile app business is predicted to generate $188.9 billion in global revenue by 2020 as compared to $88.3 billion in 2016 according to Statista. In this fastest growing mobile industry native android and iOS development is too much time consuming as we have to write the same app twice and we have to spend more money on developers too.

Continue reading “React Native – Business solution for Mobile App Development”

Events Around – Event Nearby – Discover Event

We are ecstatic to announce our All awaited Event Guide, Event Management Android application “Events Around”

What is Events Around !!

  • Create new public or private event
  • Share Events with friends
  • Join the event
  • Get Notifications for Events
  • Event Creator will get Notification if someone Join Event
  • Event Creator will get list of all Attendees
  • Post photos of event
  • Add event in calendar
  • Create wish list for event and share between friends.
  • Friends can select items from wish list
  • Share your event on social media platform

Find out things to do over the weekend when you are bored and where the parties are – try out new experiences with your friends !

Events Around
Events Around is a free app that brings to you all the events and things to do in a city at one place.

You can find and plan awesome things to do on every day.

Don’t miss out on the awesome trekking experiences, great parties, Meetup and comedy events happening in your city. Getaway from the boredom of the routine.

This is a great app for those looking to try out different activities to engage, learn, network and have fun!

We would like to hear how we can become better! Drop us comment in below comment section!

Keep in touch! Don’t forget to review the App on Google Play Store!

Mobile Application Development

Samyak Infotech : Where the App Development Ideas Manifested In To Landmarks

People have to claim that the aspect of mobile app development has gone pretty average in modern times. They claim so pointing at the growing number of the developer or the companies offering such services. In other words, people want to witness something distinguishing all the time.

They claim, they have groundbreaking ideas, but no one is there to execute it. Samyak Infotech wants to address the above issue with absolute perfection. What makes Samyak Infotech the most distinctive is the fact that here we create the environment that lets you feel like your own development unit. We hear your requirements, and structure it in a way that can nullify the risk factors and hike the commercial value.

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