Big Differences Between UX And UI Design

“UI” is the term referred to as User Interface and “UX” is the term referred to as User Experience.

User Interface and User Experience both compliment each other as both the work have to be done coordinating each other.

What is User Interface?
User Interface can be called as a visualizer or Graphic Designer to design the layouts, templates, Graphical images, Logos, buttons, etc. to give the best look and feel to any website through its shape, colour combinations to make it interactive for the users.

Visualization + Interaction = USER INTERFACE DESIGN

Examples below:

1) When we go in a market or any mall, if we don’t know about the product still, we are attracted towards it, and we just look at the product then that is done by UI designer to make it attractive for consumers.

2) When we look at any website the user goes through the site only if he/she finds it attractive, through its logos, buttons, graphics, color- combinations, shape, so the UI designer have to understand through user point of view which can attract the users and also eye-catching site.

3)When we see a vehicle its paint, seat-cover, leather is a part covered up by User Interface Designer.

For the UI Designers the main important part to be keep inconsideration is the product Appearance and Utility.

The UI Designer have to keep in mind to express large things using few words, through icons, buttons, animations which are interactive as well as user understanding for all the devices.

What is User Experience?
User Experience is the process to make the layout or any design user friendly, and easy to use. User Experience Designer encompasses any of the interaction between an active customer and a company. User Experience decides the wire framing, prototyping, Development Planning and User Friendly.

For Example,

  • When we create wire frame of any website where the content, menu, logos, buttons, etc. should be placed so that the user can use it easily and also find it user friendly is the work of User Experience.
  • The vehicles, internal design and body is a sample of User Experience Designer.

So, in conclusion UX Designer is the person who improves the quality interaction between a user and all process of development and improvement of quality interaction between a user and all aspect of a company.

Something that looks great but is difficult to use is exemplary of great UI and poor UX. While Something very usable that looks terrible is exemplary of great UX and poor UI.

 Donald Arthur Norman – a researcher, professor and author also the director of Design lab in California gave the three Levels of Design.

The three levels are as follows:

1)Visceral – Responsible for understanding the automatic and characteristics qualities of human emotion which are entirely out of control.

It is also a subconscious level of human to certain extent.

2)Behavioral – To understand the customer requirement by analyzing the situation to develop the strategic goal.

3)Reflective – The reflective design is something which gives interest to the public user to the end.

For e.g. whenever we play any game, sometimes after few days or few months just listening to its notifications, we get frustrated, so the design should be created which gives interest long lasting.

Therefore, there is a big difference between UI and UX, understanding the difference is an intellectual asset with staggering ramifications.